Horse Riding at Glenworth Valley


Horse Riding at Glenworth Valley

This is where a support worker picks you up and takes you to Glenworth Valley Horse Riding Facility located in Peats Ridge. We can spend two hours, or up to 5 hours horse riding, motor bike riding, fishing on the boat, having a picnic, go cart riding, with so many available activities you will surely find something that is fun for you. A support worker is with you the whole time, or not so much if that’s what you’d prefer. Nevertheless we are always here to help support our participants.

Horse Riding/Quad Bike/Picnic & BBQ’s (YOUR CHOICE) at Glenworth Valley located on the Central Coast, Peats Ridge NSW. Our Support Worker picks you up, and we take you to any one of these activities. What are you waiting for? let’s go…


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