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We are focused on creating an environment where our participants feel safe, secure, and cared for. Our team are highly qualified to deal with complex behavioural issues where workplace incidents are not only managed in an appropriate manner, however, are reduced per individual. We are focused on readapting individuals where possible, so they can assimilate and feel a sense of accomplishment which not only empowers them but assists with social integration and getting on with life. Community participation is a big part of what we do, we take you where you want to go. We focus on empowerment, achievement, taking on a person-centred approach means we remain focused. Our participants general well-being and health is our number one focus.
Focused primary care
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To be a leading example within industry, to consistently focus on providing high quality support services for participants that empower lifestyle, enhance wellbeing, and assist with assimilation within social and community-based settings. Our participants’ choice and control is our number one focus. We will remain person-centered and focused on our participants’ individual needs always and forever. Recruiting the most integral, qualified, and caring support workers that are genuine in nature is fundamental with our outlook. We encourage participants to lead the life they want to live.


Connecting our mission and Focus we will achieve our vision as follows:


We are focused on overcoming systemic barriers to further enhance and improve industry norms to create better solutions for all involved. We take a person-centred approach; our focused approach is to revolutionise and build a better environment for our participants and all involved.


Each one of us are focused in remaining honest, treating participants, their families, our community, and personnel equally. We pride ourselves on upholding a moral code, remaining ethical, compliant, and upstanding character within all circumstances, even when no one is watching. We remain consistent with our service delivery.
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Coming from a strong family focused background, where honesty, rules, trust, and faith is what our values foundation are built upon, the guidance of Omer Ozbaglar and Pembe Ozbaglar has been instrumental. By treating and respecting everyone’s individual beliefs is what enables us to create an environment where people feel secure, safe, considered & respected. We understand and consider individual’s complexities and emotions by remaining kind, compassionate and giving to which then they can apply to their own lives.


We are a focused leading organization where our actions have a positive influence which will bring out the best abilities in team members, encouraging individual input and perspective, to create better solutions and a shared goal. Omer Ozbaglar and Pembe Ozbaglar motivate and encourage teamwork, listen, and observe all stakeholders to truly gain a better understanding. Our leadership will encourage and influence our personnel which will equip them with the confidence to lead accordingly. We are a company who leads by example.

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We are focused on protecting, respecting, and honouring the relationships we develop to provide a sense of security to all Stakeholders, which is vital to our organizations long lasting relationships, and we are committed to adhering to. Providing a safe, healthy, and contributing workplace, that reflects through the companies working culture, will allow our participants, staff, and members of the local community to feel valued, safe, assured, and secure. To reduce the number of behavioural incidents per individual and provide a sense of psychological and physical security. We are determined in ensuring the right training is provided, and we keep track of our employee’s qualifications on a regular basis, which will ensure correct compliance and the safety of all team members which assists our organization to be in line with industry standards.
FOCUSED PRIMARY CARE would like to acknowledge the Traditional custodians throughout Australia through the lands and seas we all walk, fly, and navigate upon. We pay our respects to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders past, present and emerging. We recognize their connection to country, through belonging, caring & maintaining these lands over thousands of years.