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About Us


Focused Primary Care came to fruition whilst working within the industry, it’s a family-owned company, all family members were working within Disability care in New South Wales Australia, we were inspired to open because of the gaps and issues identified within industry. If things can be done in a better way, or a different approach, which they always can, and that’s how Focused Primary Care was born. Collectively, including members now on board within our team we have 20 years’ experience working within the Disability care in New South Wales Australia industry.


Our focus is to provide

Tailored disability care services to individuals, using a person-centred approach. Our disability support worker in New South Wales Australia understand individual's need, therefore the solution to everyone’s circumstance is different, individual, & personal.



Things are done differently here at Focused Primary Care. Firstly, we are transparent. Secondly, We actively listen to your individual needs and solutions can be created for you. The participant may already have a routine or way of doing things that they follow, enjoy, and which works for them & our Disability care in New South Wales Australia ensures they provide all the help. We are luckily enough to own land in gods’ country, Somersby. We have a tiny home concept, tiny homes scattered amongst the bush, nature is literally at your doorstep. The property has horses, chickens, and sheep. Currently we are not yet a registered provider, however, you can still secure accommodation if your NDIS package is Plan or Self-Managed. We also offer accommodation all over the central coast within residential areas. We employ capable and experienced disability support worker in New South Wales Australia who have industry experience and know their role. Whether you have a physical or psychosocial disability we will provide a person-centred approach that meets your needs. 

Our Services

We are reshaping the disability care service and are providing services to people living with psychosocial disabilities, mental health, focused on recovery and reducing behavioural incidents by providing a gentle and understanding approach. A disability support  in New South Wales Australia arrives to your home to facilitate transport to your daily outing. Community Access is different for everybody, it could include the following but not limited to:


This is where a disability support worker in New South Wales Australia does drop-in support to your private home to assist and offer flexible supports. Support is provided to assist with daily living tasks which could include, but not limited to:

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Facilitate transports to ALL appointments

Respite care

This is where a participant may need a break from their regular carer, or the parent/carer may need a break from regular care they provide to a family member. Come check out our farm stay respite home nestled away in the bush and farmland of god’s country, Somersby. Our STA respite home provides 24-hour care to ensure the safety and protection for all participants within our care. Get focused primary care with us.